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Wainscoting on stairs can be tricky to install. That’s why we’ve developed helpful kits to make it easier for you. It provides a flawless continuation from the straight wainscoting, whether your staircase is straight or curved, we have what you need. For more info, click here.


Jan Gleysteen Architects, Boston.


Sun Valley residence, ID. Miller Architects.


Designer Timothy Corrigan’s Los Angeles home. Architectural Digest.


St. Helena farmhouse, CA. Jennifer Robin Interiors.


Peace Design, Atlanta, GA.

Hello Anon. Peace Design very graciously supplied: "The chair is from R. Hughes in Atlanta and available through trade professionals. It’s such a chic piece…and comfortable!" I hope that helps. Best, G

Baulstades are the perfect option when looking for something that will work with your exterior columns and still support and highlight your front porch. Made with polyurethane and supported with steel beams, the baulstrades work well under pressure from the outdoors and are lighter than concrete. 

Wainscoting can be used in a variety of ways. Using it to enhance specific parts of rooms is highly popular. In the picture above, it is used to outline the area f the bathtub and it looks fantastic! What do you think?

You can buy raised panel wainscoting kits from a handful of different suppliers, but no one else offers the one crucial feature you get with Elite: Customizability. To see why this is so important, you need to understand the forgotten secret behind the world’s greatest wainscot installations.

Wainscoting looks best when each panel on a wall is the same width. This seems simple enough, but there’s a hitch. Every wall in the world is also a different length. That’s why other wainscoting manufacturers force you to use standard-width panels to cover most of the wall, with partial panels cut to finish up at each end. Not us. We take aesthetics far too seriously for that kind of short-cut.

Our raised panels come with ready-milled beveled edges on all four sides, though we hope you saw one edge off each panel. That’s how you get the all-important equal panel width right across a wall. You’ll need to re-establish the beveled edge, of course, and this is where our customizable design comes in.