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There are many benefits of a composite column over wood columns. First, composite columns are weather resistant, insect proof, water proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors without worry. You can throw your worst at them and they will not rot or dent. They can be used inside or out.

HB&G has been producing millwork products since 1880 and are now one of the largest manufactures of synthetic columns in North America. With HB&G’s PermaCast® Columns, you can choose from the widest array of sizes and styles of composite columns, caps and bases.

The biggest advantage of HB&G PermaCast® columns are the way they are made using the latest spin casting technology technology. This process allows for a more consistent uniform wall thickness, less weight and even more strength. In the case of the square columns the corners are more architecturally square as compared to pultruded columns. Column walls have a more consistent thickness assuring there are no weak spots. They contain more fiberglass and less filler which makes them even stronger. They also hold more of a load compared to pultruded columns of the same size.

The genius of our unique Recessed Wall Paneled Wainscot system is the way it delivers so much value for so little money. Take a look and see for yourself. Each 8-foot kit includes everything you need: base rail, stiles, top rail and shoe moulding. Fasten these parts to any smooth wall and you’re done. Existing wall surfaces act as panels, creating the traditional flavor of authentic wainscoting at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassles. 


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Showcase your design detail.  A classic architectural feature like this crown moulding adds height and balance to a room while also creating visual interest.  Highlight this decorative detail by expanding its size with trim and paint in between.  Smart way to achieve a high-style polished look for any room.


Crown jewel. Top your cabinets with moulding to update with a touch of style. 

Unlike the low intensity rope light used years ago, new and improved LED lighting is far more brighter. Todays Cove Lighting is much easier to install and far more efficient to operate. We use custom made stand off brackets that position the light strip perfectly for a smooth, even, and consistent glow across the entire ceiling. We offer every thing you need for Cove Lighting: many choices of cornice trim; stand off brackets; LED strip lights with 3M adhesive backing, and all the other accessories required.